Your vehicle should be more than a way to “get from here to there.” It should deliver an unbeatable driving experience when you’re in the driver’s seat; and it should make you feel proud to be its owner when it’s sitting in your driveway.

This is the essence of our luxury auto detailing service. We believe that your vehicle is a valuable investment. And we believe that it should deliver a complete experience to you.

Putting the “Luxury” in Car Detailing

The spa isn’t just for people anymore. Sunco is proud to bring a luxury detailing experience to your vehicle, which invests in its on-the-road appeal and blue-book value. Our service stands out in a few keys ways:

  • We come to you. Our team will bring our mobile detailing kit to your home or office for optimized convenience – and exceptional results.
  • We deliver custom solutions. The needs of every vehicle varies. That’s why we customize our approach to your vehicle.
  • We discount return customers. Need multiple cars detailed? We’ll offer a discount. Like to keep your car detailing up to date? We’ll give you a frequency discount. Easy.

Your Complete Car Detailing Solution

Our team uses a powerful combination of cleaning products, a well-honed technique, and a committed and professionally-trained staff to bring the best to your vehicle. Our luxury auto detailing package includes:

    • Vacuuming entire vehicle and trunk Entire Vehicle/Trunk
    • Spot cleaning carpets
    • Cleaning complete interior, dash, panels, and floor mats
    • Cleaning windows and mirrors cup holder
    • Hand cleaning, steam cleaning, and conditioning leather
    • Steam cleaning nooks and crannies
    • Full shampoo for carpeting
    • Ozone treatment

Sunco is proud to bring a luxury auto detailing experience to your vehicle. Our team ensures that for every mile you log, you’ll do so in style!