Over the years we have built a strong reputation when it comes to our large scale commercial complex soft washing. We soft wash several thousand properties on Hilton Head alone every year. These properties range from condos to office buildings, apartments to town-homes. Our ability to take the load off of the property manager by always providing exceptional soft wash services as well as making things streamlined on the administrative side makes it an easy decision for our property managers when it comes to who to call. You see there is a lot more to it besides just doing the cleaning. We make sure insurance and tax certificates are sent, invoices are sent in the managers preferred medium as well as always being on time and on schedule. We don’t miss appointments or dead lines and we service some of the biggest and most luxurious properties in the country.

To service the types of properties we work on you have to have some serious equipment. We have tandem axle trucks outfitted with high volume pressure washers that move massive amounts of water. Our trucks and equipment are kept pristine because we know that while we are on a property we are representing that property as a whole. This is why we invest in brand new vehicles with company logos because we want your clients to know you only hire the best. Is the property you mange getting treated like it deserves?