A lot of our clients ask us when is the best time to get their exterior windows cleaned. We have found over the last 9 years and thousands of jobs completed that the absolute best time of year to have an exterior window cleaning in Bluffton and Hilton Head actually has nothing to do with the calendar.

Due to the Hilton Head area having such high humidity, houses are constantly having algae growth on the exterior siding. That is where house soft washing comes in. Our house soft wash process safely and effectively removes all that organic buildup making your home’s exterior look as good as new. Depending on how much shade there is over your house or the amount of rain and humidity we have, this service is needed one to two times per year.

Once the exterior is restored then it is time to address those windows. Due to the minerals and additives put into tap water by local municipalities the water used to rinse your home down contains something called total dissolvable solids(TDS). TDS is measured in parts per million(ppm). And depending on where in Hilton Head or Bluffton you are located this measurement can vary from 80 ppm all the way up to over 400 ppm. So while a house soft wash will leave your windows just as clean as they were before you will still have some minor spotting left behind due to the TDS in the water used.

This is where our exterior window cleaning service can be best utilized

Having us come right behind the house soft wash with a full exterior window cleaning using water with 0 TDS leaves your windows sparkling clean. And because your house is now free of debris and dirt when it rains again and the rainwater runs down your house and over your windows, it doesn’t catch any dirt off of your siding before it hits the glass to streak them.

Most people think that rain is what causes your windows to get dirty but in all actuality, it is the rainwater washing the dirt off your house onto the glass because the house has not been soft-washed.

House soft washing is just a fact of life in the Lowcountry. Most communities send out fines when houses start to show that it is time to be washed and more importantly you want to have the house soft-washed to keep your property and investment in tip-top shape. So knowing that the house will have to be soft-washed, that is the best time to take advantage of our house soft wash and exterior window cleaning special pricing packages that we offer.