Are black streaks or mold bringing your roof down? Let Sunco reverse the damage!

No home is complete without a roof that is ready to protect and shelter it. But when the southern climate is impacting your shingles, it’s important to turn to the professionals. Sunco delivers expert service that makes your roof our biggest priority.

Black Stains and Your Shingles

Many customers have the same reason for scheduling a roof cleaning service: Their shingles have mysterious black stains. But the source of the blemish is often a puzzle until they get the details from our technicians.

This discoloration is caused by a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Its ideal environment is the warm, humid climate that South Carolina provides, so it’s a common issue on roofing.

Here’s the issue: Gloeocapsa Magma isn’t just ugly. It actually feeds on the limestone in your shingles. This means that you’re losing out on curb appeal, roofing longevity, and even energy efficiency.

One service can prevent all of the “cons” from impacting your property. Sunco is proud to be the region’s roof cleaning expert!

Why We Soft Wash Your Roof

Every home should invest in regular roof cleaning services. It makes sense – when you consider how exposed your shingles are to the elements, it’s little wonder that they accumulate things like algae, mold, bacteria, and even moss.

But shingles also need special care when cleaning. High-pressure washing will destroy your roofing. Whether you have asphalt, slate, or tile shingles, they aren’t designed to handle the force that comes with power washing. Sunco sticks with soft washing, which is the less abrasive and more effective alternative.

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method approved by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association.
It achieves a host of benefits that include:

  • Black stain removal
  • Removal of mold, moss, dirt, and other debris
  • Environmentally-friendly and pet-safe cleaning detergents that are tough on stains without being tough on the planet
  • Results that prolong the life of your shingles

SuncoSc Roof Cleaning

Our professionals will come to your home and conduct a pre-service inspection to do the job safely and effectively. Every member of our team has received extensive training and knows how to achieve the job safety. We carefully soft wash every shingle to rid it of debris, so your roof is ready for anything.

Expert Service, Exceptional Results

Why settle for satisfactory? At Sunco, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Our technicians know the positive impact that a roof cleaning service can have on a property — and we’re proud to do our part to bring out the best.

In addition to excellent results, Sunco technicians work hard to provide a great customer experience from start to finish. You’ll always get:

  • Experience With three generations of exterior property cleaning experience, we have the thought leadership you need. In addition, our team invests in continuing education to deliver the most cutting-edge roof cleaning service to you.
  • Technology – Our team always uses the most advanced technology on the market, as well as the best cleaning detergents.
  • Customer Service – We are proud of the long-term relationships that we’ve built with our clients. You’ll always get a friendly, honest, and knowledgeable technician taking the lead for your roof.
  • Peace of Mind – From our easy and free estimates to our transparent service, customers always feel comfortable that they’re getting a straightforward and hassle-free solution.

SuncoSc Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning: Pros for Your Entire Property

Regular roof cleaning maintenance is one of the most effective ways to hold property value and save money for the long term. Roof manufacturers recommend roof cleanings every two years to preserve the quality of your shingles. It’s a small investment for a major payoff: Our customers who get regular service note that they end up spending less on repairs and can even put off a roof replacement for an entire decade.

A clean, stain-free roof also delivers a first impression that lifts up your entire property. It’s a simple way to bring a host of benefits – from functional to aesthetic to financial – to your home without the hassle!

Better curb appeal, a longer lasting roof, and quality you can count on – that’s the Sunco way! Get your free estimate today.

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