Window Cleaning

Windows can make your home a symbol of curb appeal… Or make it look unkempt and dirty. They can help your interior ambiance soar… Or make each room feel dark and dreary. Sunco helps your windows bring out the best in your property with our professional service!

Dirty Windows: more than a curb appeal issue

Glass is a magnet for dirt and grime. It’s an unavoidable fact, and our windows prove it true. From dirt to pollen to fingerprints, your panes attract all of the ugly elements that make otherwise beautiful curb appeal plummet. Most of our customers with dirty windows are feeling the effects of:

  • Curb appeal
    While dirty windows can make your entire home look ‘less than beautiful,’ a professional service can help your first impression soar.
  • Energy efficiency
    Dirty windows aren’t able to let natural light into your home. This means that you’re spending more on electricity (and losing the unbeatable appeal of sunlight).
  • Window quality
    Dirty windows are more likely to deal with rot, water damage, and general deterioration. Regular maintenance keeps quality on point.
  • Ambience
    Dark rooms are proven to take a hit on people’s moods. We ensure that your space’s ambiance is always at an all-time high.

Our team is here to bring better windows to South Carolina homes. With a guaranteed-effective service and committed technicians, your panes will always get the best in service – and the best in results!

Excellence in interior and exterior window cleaning

At Sunco, we know that window issues don’t only exist on the outside. That’s why we offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services, so you can get a complete solution for your panes.

  • Exterior window cleaning utilizes our Pure Water Technology. This truck-mounted system pairs clean, purified water with a pole-fed system that delivers clean, streak-free results to windows up to five stories tall.
    With our Pure Water Technology system, your windows will always dry streak-free. We also include:

    • Sill and moulding washing
    • Window screen wiping and rinsing
    • Skylight cleaning
    • Hard water stain removal
  • Interior window cleaning services are tidy, water-free, and effective. We skip the buckets of water for controlled cleaners, which make your windows spotless without leaving drip marks or footprints behind.

Our service always combines the best equipment, cleaners, and methods to boost your windows. We’re committed to showing our customers just how much a window cleaning service can transform your home. And we make sure that we always use the best tools and technology to get you a result that truly stands out.

The difference of a Sunco service

From Hilton Head to Bluffton to the greater South Carolina area, Sunco is proud to be a reliable source for all of your window cleaning needs. Whether you have a single-story home or one that stretches to five levels, we deliver tailored service that ties in:

  • The industry’s best equipment
    From our Pure Water Technology to our cleaners, every product that we use is the very best.
  • 3 generations of knowledge and expertise
    This is a family business, and we’re proud of it. You’re always getting a tradition of service and excellence from our team.
  • Hometown loyalty
    We love where we live and work, and you’ll always get a friendly hometown attitude.
  • Complete coverage
    We’re a fully licensed, insured, and qualified team of window cleaners.

We care about our customers. From the moment that you start your free online bid, you can always rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best in service.

How to Count your Window Panes

At times you may be wondering exactly how to count your window panes. Please use our Chart below to figure out exactly how many window panes you have. Then make sure to submit your free estimate for your window cleaning projects.

How to Count Window Panes

Our window cleaning commitment

Sunco appreciates the difference that clean windows can make for a home – we see it in the reaction of our customers every time we finish a job. With clean windows on your side, your property can expect:

  • Curb appeal that enhances your home
  • More natural light in your interior
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer-lasting window systems

Your windows aren’t just an accessory. They’re a vital part of your home. Sunco is proud to bring better window cleaning solutions to your property so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Get cleaner windows… Inside and out. Trust the professionals at Sunco for better panes with our free online estimate.